About us

"The past is a torch in the hands of the present to illuminate the future" - this quote perfectly characterizes our venture.

Our watches are created with the sole intention of highlighting the cultural and historical heritage that defines us, as European people. DAPIX is much more than a brand. DAPIX is a story. Our story.

Once, in the mists of time, with the Carpathian mountains as a shield, a community of people rose to leave their mark on these places. Those people believed that if time could be measured accurately, it could be controlled. He who controls time becomes immortal, above history, above physical death. The legend of the brave king DAPIX, who preferred to drink a glass of poison rather than fall into the hands of his enemies has survived to this day. For him, freedom was far above death, considered an illusion by our ancestors. The Dacian king was right. His name has survived to the present day. This is how our story begins. The story of DAPIX.