Privacy and Cookie Policy

Personal data
The following personal data will be requested when you decide to purchase  from our website:

1. Name and surname
2. Complete delivery and / or invoicing address, which may include the following (street, number, block, floor, apartment, postal code, city, district, country)
3. Phone number
4. Email address

This data will also be requested when you create an account on our website.

Also, your name and email address are required if and only if you decide to subscribe to our newsletter. Upon request, the personal data registered in the newsletter will be completely and permanently deleted from our database. If this is the case, please send an email to with the subject Unsubscribe. The email must arrive from the email address you want to delete. In a maximum of 12 hours, your name and email address will be permanently deleted.

The purpose of data collection is:
- Quick processing, invoicing and shipping your order
- To ensure acces to special sections of our website which otherwise could have been kept private, for registered users only
- To receive promotions, advertising, special offers and marketing messages regarding the activity of our company

External links
Our website may contain links or advertising banners pointing to external web pages, but our users will never be forced in any way to visit them (forced redirects, spammy messages, etc).

Antispam policy
We will never send unsolicited emails or text messages. Every user of our website has the right (and the tools to do so) to unsubscribe from our newsletter or delete the account if he or she created one.

Cookie policy
EU legislation requires all website operators to inform website visitors about their usage of cookies and similar technologies, e.g. pixels, (hereinafter “cookies”) and to collect the user’s consent to such cookie usage.    
Cookies are small text files which are sent to your device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) by the website you visit. Cookies are stored on your device in your browser’s file directory. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website each time you revisit it so it can recognize your device and improve your user experience on each subsequent visit. Cookies allow us e.g. to tailor a website to better match your interests or to store your password so that you do not need to re-enter it every time.

Our website uses the following cookies:
- Cookies used for authentication in case you created an account with us. If you decide to open an account with us, these cookies are categorised as Functional cookies and your consent is required according to Art. 6 (1) lit. (a) GDPR
- Cookies used for the shopping cart (Strictly necessary for placing orders)
- Cookies used to detect and set the desired language, romanian / english (Strictly necessary)
- Cookies used for tracking the user's activity on our website. These cookies are managed by third-party software such as facebook and google analytics. We do not log confidential information or ip addresses, our sole interest is in tracking user's activity in order to improve our services.  The information collected is aggregated and anonymous. It does not allow individual identification. It only serves the purpose of evaluating and enhancing the user experience. (Performance cookies)

The content of these policies is updated from time to time.