Service and return


Across EU you have the right to return purchases made online or through other types of distance selling, such as by phone, mail order or from a door-to-door salesperson, within 14 days for a full refund. The 14 days return period starts as soon as you receive your order.
You may refund for any reason – even if you simply changed your mind.

In order to have the item returned, you must FILL IN THE RETURN FORM within the legal term of 14 days and we will contact you within 1-3 working days to instruct you about returning procedure(s).

If the form is not filled and/or return instructions are not properly followed, the package will be refused.

Please note that you must not remove the protective seal of the watch and/or the metal bracelet to examine the quality, properties and the functioning of the watches. You may remove the protective film at the buckle area to try it on. Do not shorten the metal bracelet. Don't do anything that might damage the product. If the product is not fully intact you lose the right to return it. You must send us the product in the original box, accompanied by all original accessories (user manual and warranty card), unused and working, exactly as it has been sent. If one of these conditions is not met, we will refuse the package. Given that our team makes an effort to send you the product in the best conditions, we request reciprocity.

We cannot accept returns of customized or personalised items.

The item must be inspected by the buyer within 24 hours starting from receiving date. If the product is found to be defective in any way you should fill the above return form and we will replace the product. However, after 24 hours any defective condition will be imputed to the buyer and the return request will be denied.

After receiving the product, we will refund your money using the same payment method used for purchase.

If the product undergoes changes, such as changing or adjusting the strap, within 14 days of purchase, the product cannot be returned and the return request will be denied.


Warranty terms are set forth in detail in this section.
To start a warranty request please FILL IN THE WARRANTY REQUEST FORM.

After receiving the form we will contact you within 1-3 working days to instruct you about shipping procedure(s).
If the product fails during the warranty period (2 years), it has to be returned in the original box, accompanied by all original accessories and it will be repaired, replaced with a new product or if none of these are possible we will refund you the full amount.

If the product shows scratches, marks of impact, wear, missing accessories, traces of thermal or chemical shocks, traces of unauthorized disassembly, we will make a detailed analysis and reduce the price of the product accordingly.

The hands, dial and movement are the only components covered by the warranty.
If it turns out that the watch fails to work under normal use, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Dapix Innovations SRL.

Please note that your warranty does not cover:
- Watch case, glass, bezel, bracelet and/or strap.
- Any damage resulting from improper use.
- Aesthetic changes following normal wear like tearing, scratching, alteration of the color and / or material of the metal strap or bracelet.