Warranty Terms and Conditions


Failure to follow these instructions will automatically result in the loss of warranty!

Avoid contact with chemicals of any kind, such as: prolonged perspiration, dust, smoke, steam, acid rain, solvents, bleach, petroleum products, adhesives, acids, salts, cosmetics or cleaning products, chlorine or substances containing chlorine, including water containing them;

Avoid contact with hot water, very cold water or other hot or frozen surfaces. The temperature supported is between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

The magnetic field generated by electrical devices may damage the movement, it is not allowed placing the watch near such devices.

To clean the watch, wipe it with a chamois cloth or soft, lint-free cloth. You can dip a soft-bristled brush in cold water with a drop of dishwashing soap, and gently brush the case. Then rinse your watch under fresh water and dry it with a soft towel. Do not use any kind of chemical substance other than dishwashing soap otherwise the warranty is lost.

Avoid contact with objects that can cause scratches, bumps, mechanical shocks.

Do not set the time by turning the crown counterclockwise.

Manipulation and de-sealing of the crown in humid environments (fog, dust, water, etc ..) leads to movement damage and loss of warranty.

The watch should be handled only in accordance with the MAINTAINANCE INSTRUCTIONS, otherwise we may reject the warranty request for improper usage.

Contact with any kind of diluent, solvent, oil, cosmetic product and any kind of chemical substance except the one recommended for cleaning/wiping leads which leads to the damage of the movement, malfunction or deterioration also leads to loss of warranty.

Case and / or crown corrosion caused by acid perspiration leads to loss of warranty, because case / crown corrosion may allow the water or chemical substances to enter inside the watch causing movement damage.

Avoid showering with the watch on your wrist or touching it with other chemicals. The watch is cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of water and dish soap.

During winter, walking from sharp chilly outdoor temperatures and into the toasty indoors can sometimes cause droplets to develop on the inside of your watch glass and form inside condensation. Same thing may happen if the watch is dropped in the bathtub. If this happens, just pull the crown once and leave the watch in a very dry place, on a dry towel for 12 hours. If that doesn't fix the problem, please contact us.

Do not unscrew the crown in the presence of water.

If the watch is placed without its support, directly on the bracelet or on the buckle of the strap, there is the possibility of scratching or damaging the back case, therefore the watch must be kept only on the support delivered with. Alternatively, you can place a piece of cloth between the back of the case and the bracelet / strap.

If the watch has a protective foil, the foil must be removed using a toothpick before use. If the foil remains attached there is a danger of infiltration of dust, moisture, perspiration, etc., which can lead to watch damage by corrosion.

Stop wearing if the bracelet pins detach from the bracelet. Resume wearing only if the problem is solved.

Keep the watch and all its accesories out of the reach of children.

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase.

In order to benefit from the warranty, the product(s) must be accompanied by the fiscal invoice, the instructions and warranty manual, the original product box and the accessories (if applicable). If the product(s) are not accompanied by these documents, they will be returned to the sender without the warranty being resolved. Only the watch movement is subject to warranty.

The following components does not fall under the terms of warranty: strap, bracelet, case, bezel, indicators, dial, sapphire crystal, crown.
If the damage / malfunction does not fall under the warranty terms and it is found that the damage / malfunction affects the watch movements, the warranty is voided.

The warranty becomes void in case of damages caused by non-compliance with the instructions listed in the MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS section.

The warranty does not cover products or components which present deteriorations suchs as, but not limited to: scratches, shards, impact marks, burns, exposure to chemicals of any kind that are not mentioned as allowed in this manual, damage caused by wear or improper handling. Also, lack of care, negligence or accidents lead to loss of warranty..

The warranty period for the products purchased from Dapix Innovations S.R.L. is 2 (two) years from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is considered to be the date written on the fiscal invoice and on the instruction and warranty manual.

The warranty does not apply in case of loss, theft or unauthorized repairs.

Changing the strap or shortening the bracelet leads the loss of the warranty only in case of scratches or watch damages during the process.

DAPIX watches strictly follow the qualification standards of the watch industry and have a quality assurance and quality assurance period. The warranty period is 24 months from purchase date and it is provided only if the watch is purchased from authorized distributors.

For repairs, please contact the distributor.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any additional warranty offered by authorized distributors. Distributors are solely responsible for any additional warranty beyond the scope of this warranty.

No one has the right to change the terms of this warranty.

In case of warranty acceptance, the manufacturer will repair or replace the defective subassembly or assembly, and if this is not possible the product will be replaced with a new one.

In case of warranty request, please follow the packaging and transport instructions from the website www.dapix.ro under the section "Service and Return". The transport of the package will take place only using the transport operator approved by the manufacturer. The cost of transport is fully supported by the buyer, and the entire amount will be returned to him/her only if the warranty is accepted. All details can be found on the manufacturer's website under "Service and Return" section.

In case of warranty request, download the warranty request form found in the "Service and Return" section, which you send completed together with the watch and the other accessories and related documents.


Not wearing the watch for a longer period of time leads to oil coagulation, oil which is used to lubricate the movement components and as a consequence, the movement stops.
To prevent this, the watch must be worn or shaken periodically. If the movement due to the reasons mentioned above, the intervention of an authorized watchmaker is required. He/she who will restore its functionality. If repeated, such operation shortens the movement lifespan.

Do not set the day and / or date between 21.00 PM - 03.00 AM.

Do not set the time by turning the crown counterclockwise.